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  • Amplifiers

    Available in operating frequencies from HF to Ku-band and with standard output powers ranging from 2 to 1000 watts. Standards Functions Include:
    FWD/RVS Detector, Mute, Temperature Monitoring, VSWR Alarm with Protection, Over Temperature Alarm with Protection and Auto-recovery, Over voltage protection, ALC, AGC and Current Monitoring.

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  • MMICs

    RFcore has been innovating MMIC solutions for phased array system pursuing more ease of use, higher performance, higher level of integration as well as lower cost. We believe that the most suitable way is exploiting properties of God gifted semiconductor Silicon and GaN.
    We aim at integrating all components of TRM for active phased array on single die and even multi-channel TRM too.

  • Synthetic Aperture Radar

    We deliver customized SAR systems for industrial and environmental surveillance, defense and intelligence missions.
    · nano to small size SAR systems
    · for manned and unmanned platforms
    · modern technology based
    · System can be customized in weight, size,band (X, Ku) and modes.

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    RF switch Modules are suitable for broadband TDD transmitters such as jammers and military radios that require high isolation of the LNA from the high power and noise of the power amplifier.
    RF Passive is best to monitor both the transmitter and the reflected power when monitoring the antenna status of a wideband transmitter.
    Comb generator is a signal generator that produces multiple harmonics of its input signal.
    RF Matrix is designed for the testing of modern digital RF transceivers in complex environments.

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  • Customized Solutions

    RFcore also provides quick and reliable customized digital mixed hardware solutions. Globally we have supported over 40 clients with customized solutions that include MMIC, RF component module, sub-system and complete system designs.

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