Intergrated Rack-mountable Amplifier System

Solid state Broad Band Amplifiers are designed for optimum operation for IED Jammer Applications which is featured as below. We can rack mount any of our existing amplifiers or systems or custom design the amplifier and enclosure. Each Rack Mounted Amplifiers are built around a large bonded fit heat-sink rated for high temperature ambient operation.

rack mountable

Key Features

  • Frequency Range up to 3GHz
  • Forward/Reflected Power Monitoring
  • Remote controlling with serial or parallel interfaces


  • Car-mount Jammers
  • Electronic Warfare


Model Number Frequency
Voltage Size(mm) Remark
DownloadRCA00201U50 20~100MHz 100 50 220VAC 482X133X508 1. TCP/IP Control
2. LCD Monitor Front panel
3. Protection against VSWR
4. Protection against over heating
5. Protection against over Input Drive
6. Controlled cooling FAN
7. AC-DC Rectifier or DC-DC Converter
DownloadRCA0525U52 500~2500MHz 150 53 220VAC 482X133X508
DownloadRCA0820U50 800~2000MHz 120 52 220VAC 482X133X508
DownloadRCA1020U52 1000~2000MHz 150 53 24VDC 482X133X508
DownloadRCA1822U53 1810~2170MHz 200 56 220VAC 482X133X508
Empty imageRCA2560U47 2500~6000MHz 50 50 220VAC 482X133X508
DownloadRCA2030U50 2000~3000MHz 100 50 24VDC 482X133X508
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